12 Guiding Principles Poster

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This unframed matte poster features John's 12 Guiding Principles that have lead him to success throughout his career. Hang this in any office or sales area.


John's 12 Guiding Principles

  1. Work smart and hard
  2. Always ask for feedback
  3. Set SMART goals
  4. Earn everything
  5. Be open and honest with everyone, especially yourself
  6. Don't think you're better than anyone (and know no one is better than you)
  7. Confidence overcomes most shortcomings (except an ego)
  8. Find your passion or find something else to do
  9. What goes around comes around
  10. You can learn something new from everyone and every situation
  11. Be OK with the worst case scenario
  12. Get 1% better every day

This poster is proudly printed in America on archival, acid-free paper.