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Now you can have access to the same sales training I deliver to high growth companies like Salesforce, LinkedIn and Okta. Despite being one of the largest and oldest professions in the world, most sales reps don't have any formal training.

Get Certified

Both of my programs come with industry recognized certification. 

Filling the Funnel

My original program, Filling the Funnel gives you what you need to build your pipeline with qualified leads. 

Topics Covered in Filling the Funnel

  • Lay the Foundation
  • Identify the Target
  • Know Your Audience
  • Find Your Reason
  • Develop Your Message
  • Deliver Your Message (Phone)
  • Deliver Your Message (email)
  • Your Contact Strategy
  • Integrate Social Selling
  • Manage Your Time

Included with Filling the Funnel is the 2017 and 2018 Executive Priorities. This is an additional $400 value.

Driving to Close

Driving to Close gives you the tools you need to close out and win more deals. 

Topics covered in Driving to Close 

  • Objective Negotiations
  • The Perfect Meeting
  • Proactive Objection Handling
  • Closing it Out

Included with Driving to Close is my Give-Get Scorecard. This is an additional $300 value. 

Powered by Learncore

I'm bringing my online training to the Learncore platform. The Learncore platform goes beyond a series of videos and exercises you're supposed to do by giving structure and exercises to reinforce the learning.

Learncore's Learn, Test, and PitchIQ will help learn and retail the sales training to help you hit your numbers and achieve your goals.

You also have access to revisit the training as you need it throughout the year. Heading into