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I’ve included 2 different tabs on this worksheet. Each tab has a different equation depending on your role. If you’re an inside rep (SDR, BDR, etc) with the focus of setting up meetings use Tab 1. If your focus is closing revenue and you get most of your meetings set for you then use Tab 2.

Start with inputting your main goal (highlighted in green). I recommend doubling whatever that number is. For example, if your goal is $1M/year in revenue then make it $2M/year. It’s what most of the top sales do to help them consistently exceed quota.

Next, if you’re measured on revenue then you need to input your average deal size (highlighted in orange). Then estimate the conversion ratios between each stage of your sales process. For example, if you made 100 calls how many times would you get to speak with someone other than a gatekeeper? If you’re a closing rep then what percent of your meetings turn into proposals? You can usually get these baseline metrics by looking back at the past few months to see how many calls, meetings, proposals and closed deals you had and then figuring out the ratios from there.

If you plug these numbers into the spreadsheet it will auto-calculate to show the exact activities you need to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to hit your target. From there you can set goals and measure against these metrics every day or week depending on how closely you want to manage yourself. Make sure you write these goals down and make them visible to remind yourself every day what needs to get done.

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