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Over 100% Funded on Kickstarter, the Make It Happen Sales Journal will help you close more deals by giving your meeting process more structure.

The Sales Journal combines my Driving to Close training with the science of writing things down.

Prepare. Execute. Follow-up

The Sales Journal gives you the process to prepare, execute, and follow up with your meetings to keep moving deals forward. Each meeting page has the following structure 

  • Contact names and roles - Who is attending and what is their role in the company? Are they an executive? Do they work in procurement or legal? Will they be an end user? The people attending will change the topics, flow, and details you cover.
  • Business description - What does their business do? Who are some of their flagship customers? Do they have any main competitors or industry leaders you should mention or avoid?
  • S.M.A.R.T. Meeting Goals - Set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals. What do you want to get from this meeting? This could be a demo, access to power, a timeline.
  • Recent news and events - Was there a major conference? What is on their blog? Have they made any large hires or been in the news? 
  • Specific Questions - Too many reps ask basic and closed-ended questions or leave forgetting to ask something important. Make sure you don't leave any important information on the table by remembering what you need to ask.
  • Their next steps - What do they need to do to drive the deal forward after the meeting? Maybe it's an introduction or hopefully a signed contract. Commit to the next steps during your meeting and keep your prospects accountable.
  • Your next steps - What do you need to do to be accountable to your prospects? What are your deliverables? 
  • Notes - Write down anything else that is relevant to the discussion for follow up or your next steps.

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